Horror Edition

You know you want to read more. You remember losing yourself in books. You recall how exciting the adventures were, how late you stayed up following your favorite characters, and how you cried, gasped, or bit your nails.

But how to start reading again when binge-watching TV is so easy and — let’s be honest — fun?

You start slowly, of course. Baby steps. First, with a story that’s only twitter-sized in length. Then the next, a mere seventy-five words. Then a few hundred words, followed by progressively longer tales until you’re reading novels without even knowing it. That’s assuming you survive the terror.

That’s The Binge-Watching Cure: an Anthology of Short Horror Stories, a collection of petrifying tales, each longer and more frightening than the one before. The first edition of The Binge-Watching Cure encompassed a range of genres, but BWC II is all about the things that scare us.

In this book, you’ll discover what happens when the color red disappears from the world, learn why a man and his son are doing nightly drills to prepare for a mysterious threat, read about a man’s romantic entanglement with a werewolf, enjoy steampunk dystopia, be horrified by the side effects of a new weight-loss drug, discover an aspect of zombies more terrifying than you ever imagined, feel the speed that accompanies ghosts when they crash drag races, and more.

So kick off your shoes and cure your binge-watching. And be sure to leave a light on.


140 characters – Kyle Owens
100 – Woodchipper’s Bane by Richard Wines
200 – Cadaver Feet by Karen Bovenmyer
500 – They Came in Waves by Louis B. Ribezzo, Jr.
750 – Redless by Annie Neugebauer
1,000 – Losing It by Robert E. Stahl
1,500 – The Light by Eddie Generous
2,000 – The Body Farm by Amanda Crum
2,500 – Sack Race to the River by Chris Kuriata
3,500 – Losing Your Fear by Bill Adler Jr.
4,000 – Nocturnal Pods by Nick Younker
4,500 – Don’t Look Back by Quinn Cunningham
6,000 – The Bronze Gods by Jeremy Szal
7,000 – Swear Not by the Moon by Spencer Koelle
8,000 – Car Chasers by Rami Ungar
9,000 – Endangered Species of the Animal Kingdom by Gregory Martin
10,000 – The Middle-Aged Vampire’s Guide to Un-Living by Lana Cooper
15,000 – The Love Nest by Kristopher Triana
20,000 – Tom the Ghost by Dana Hammer
25,000 – Missing Link by Armand Rosamilia

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