Horror Edition

The Binge-Watching Cure II, our all horror edition is closed for submissions.

We want to see your most terrifying prose. We’re interested in the full range of horror fiction genres and topics: dark fantasy, vampires, zombies, werewolves, Cthulhu Mythos, pure horror, psychological horror, ghost stories, East European myths, kind fairies gone rogue, Japanese monsters, apocalyptic horror, gothic, and plain scary monsters.

If your imagination can conjure it, we want to read it.

For submissions, the only difference between the first edition and the horror edition is that you need to include the words “Horror Edition” in the subject line of your email.

Check out our recent post about the common pitfalls of horror writing.

The deadline for submissions is September 30, 2017.

We are not interested in fan fiction or stories with graphic or sexual violence against children, graphic incest, necrophilia, animal torture, or gore for gore’s sake. If you want additional insight into what we think makes a great story, take a look at our recently published novel, Fatal Gift.

If you have a question, use our contact form or ping us in Twitter. Please don’t use the submissions email address for queries, or they will get lost in the slush pile.

We pay $200 for short stories that are under 5,000 words and $500 for stories that are 5,000 words or longer. We will be licensing the non-exclusive print and electronic book rights, including foreign-language rights (but not audio, film rights, or magazine rights). Your name and bio will be included along with your story. Previously published stories are okay, as are simultaneous submissions. There will be a signed contract, of course. The Binge-Watching Cure will be published by Claren Books.

Here’s the important part: We want stories within 15 percent of the following word counts (within 20 percent for stories 10,000 words and longer):

140 characters – Kyle Owens
100 – Woodchipper’s Bane by Richard Wines
200 – Cadaver Feet by Karen Bovenmyer
500 – They Came in Waves by Louis B. Ribezzo, Jr.
750 – Redless by Annie Neugebauer
1,000 – Losing It by Robert E. Stahl
1,500 – The Light by Eddie Generous
2,000 – The Body Farm by Amanda Crum
2,500 – Sack Race to the River by Chris Kuriata
3,500 – Losing Your Fear by Bill Adler Jr.
4,000 – Nocturnal Pods by Nick Younker
4,500 – Don’t Look Back by Quinn Cunningham
6,000 – The Bronze Gods by Jeremy Szal
7,000 – Swear Not by the Moon by Spencer Koelle
8,000 – Car Chasers by Rami Ungar
9,000 – Endangered Species of the Animal Kingdom by Gregory Martin
10,000 – The Middle-Aged Vampire’s Guide to Un-Living by Lana Cooper
15,000 – The Love Nest by Kristopher Triana
20,000 – Tom the Ghost by Dana Hammer
25,000 – TBA

The Binge-Watching Cure will have one story from each of these length categories.

Questions? Visit our FAQ page. Our FAQ page has more detail about the kind of stories we’re looking for.

Ready to submit? Hop over to our submissions page.

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