Science Fiction Edition

The first edition of The-Binge Watching Cure encompassed a huge variety of genres. The second edition centered on horrific themes that kept us up at night. For the third volume, we are abandoning earthly conventions entirely in favor of the weird, wild worlds of science fiction.

So what is science fiction? SF features stories based on imagined future scientific or technological advances and major social, environmental, and evolutionary changes. That is just a textbook definition.

Science fiction has a huge range of subgenres, and I’d love to see them all. Alien races, apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic futures, colonization, cyberpunk, etc. Remember, first and foremost, this is a science fiction anthology. It’s okay if your story has some genre crossover, but we are less likely to accept an alien invasion that reads like zombie novella.

For the SF volume, we are offering a one-time payment of $100 USD for each story. We will be licensing the non-exclusive print and electronic book rights, including foreign-language rights (but not audio, film rights, or magazine rights). Your name and bio will be included along with your story.

Submissions are closed. They were opened January 20th to July 1st, 2020.

Use “Last name – SF – word length category” as the subject line of your email.

Questions? Visit our FAQ page. Our FAQ page has more detail about the kind of stories we’re looking for as well as details on formatting and publication details.

Ready to submit? Hop over to our submissions page.

Update: We received around 926 submissions for this anthology.

Word lengths

Twitter – Recycling by Gregg Chamberlain
100 – “Experiments in Villainy” by Cameron Johnston
200 – “Leap Year” by Kurt Newton
500 – “Perihelion” by Jim Taylor
750 – “Somnolence” by Jordan Chase-Young
1,000 – “Cues” by Rich Larson
1,500 – “The Expiration Date” by Avelino de Castro
2,000 – “All the pretty cats and dogs” by Jonathon Mast
2,500 – “Passing History” by Bill Adler Jr.
3,500 – “Helen Wheels” by Bev Vincent
4,000 – “Night Shift in The Bonesaw” by Christopher Scott
4,500 – “Swipe Right” by Joe Kogut
6,000 – “Square One” by Michael Casey
7,000 – “Dead Reckoning” by Anthony Regolino
8,000 – “Like Castles in the Air” by James Van Pelt
9,000 – “One Last Payday” by P.A. Cornell
10,000 – “Golden Lilies” by Sarina Dorie
15,000 – “Groomers” by Andrew Thomson
20,000 – “Invasive Species” by Naomi Libicki
25,000 – “(G) Astronomic Disaster” by S P Mount

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